Silver walnut II

Chapter 2 | January 18, 2020.

Entering the Lyuska Palace, the seat of the Srebrorah house she belonged to, was easy for Tragomila. She sneaked through the main gates with a group of merchants, walked the garden to the wall and climbed it to the terrace of her home. But to hide from the family volshebnik Razvovesht has never succeeded. He seemed to know where Mila was going to appear.

He was an elegant tall man with green eyes. He constantly wore a black coat that was the exact opposite of white wavy hair to his shoulders and a sharp short beard. At first glance, he seemed very serious and confident, a little dark, but when he saw Mila, his face changed to a long, provocative smile.

“I caught you again,” he laughed.

She rolled her eyes and went her own way.

“Wait, where are you going?” He ran after her as a child after his mother.

“You are following me like a shadow,” she admitted reluctantly. “Sometimes I get the feeling you’re behind every corner and you’re lurking at me with your eyes.”

“Young lady, I have to keep an eye on you, that’s what your parents told me,” he replied. “Where have you been?”

Tragomila laughed. “Don’t you already know that?”

“I have no idea.”

“Don’t lie, you know where I was!” She punched his shoulder.

“It hurts!”

“Come on, don’t be so soft, say what you want!” Tragomila continued on her way.

Volshebnik kept pace with her. “You were in port, weren’t you? How is your friend Chedodrag? ”

Mila blushed. “He’s good. And Bole and Momo are fine. ”

The Razvovesht continues to tease her. “I’m glad to hear that. How was his trip, was everything right? “

“What’s the matter with you, why do you always ask me about Chedodrag?” Mila yelled.

“Come on, my Lady, on your face can be seen feelings that you have for him,” the volshebnik winked at her.

Mila frowned. “He’s just a liar and a teaser, like you!”

Razvovesht was shocked. “Me? Dear Lady, what do you say, what complaints do you have against me? “

“Yeah, yeah, all you wizards and merchants are the same,” she told him. “Now, let me ask you something. Is there sea rusalka? ”

The volshebnik became serious and his voice grew deep as a wise man’s. “Where did you get that idea?”

Mila told him. “Chedodrag saw a pale girl with black eyes while sailing. He saw her underwater. He says she called him. He saw the worst feelings in her eyes. Sadness, hatred, anger. The uncle stopped him from pulling him in, and then she disappeared. “

“Maybe he made it up,” he concluded.

“I do not believe it. He didn’t look like he was making up, when you could see him lying in his eyes. This time he was serious, even scared. He says that he has dreams at night that she continues to call him, and that her face reminds him of someone he knows. “

“To whom?” He asked.

“He couldn’t explain,” she replied.

The volshebnik put his hands behind his back and walked over to the terrace fence. He gazed at the intersection of the two great rivers and the thin morning mist that hugged the fishing boats. Mila stood beside him, curiously awaiting his response.

“According to folk tales, rusalkas do not live in the sea, but in rivers and lakes. Thousands of years ago, they lived along the Milk River. The residents on the coast were in trouble. The men and boys were disappearing, so the wizards had to act. It is believed that they are the souls of women and girls who killed themselves in the river because of unanswered love or miserable life and then seek revenge. Their will, the core of their being, compels them to attract men with their beauty, and then drags them into the water and drowns. I have never heard of sea rusalka, but it is quite possible that some of them happened here,” the volshebnik explained. “Of course, if there are such beings at all.”

Tragomila gazed anxiously into the distance. “I think Chedodrag saw something, that he wasn’t lying.”

“Maybe he did,” volshebnik said. “Still, better protect him from dangerous girls.”

Mila glared at the Razvovesht. “And where have you been these days? I didn’t see you in court. What were you doing?”

The volshebnik exclaimed. “Well, I had some work to do …”

Tragomila saw the opportunity to return for teasing him, but at that moment her mother, kneginya Milyana appeared.

“Dear child, where have you been so far? You’ve been gone all morning, you haven’t had breakfast!” She asked.

Tragomila trembled before the brown eyes of her mother. She didn’t look like her, more like a father. Kneginya Milyana was short, with wide hips and shoulders and curly black hair and a heart-shaped, blackish face with sharp eyebrows like the women from Medvedinsk have. From there the kneginya came. Tragomila, on the other hand, was taller than her, thin, straight and blue-eyed. She had light brunette hair, walnut-like. The only things she has similar with mother were her full red lips and the smile that the kneginya could not show now.

“Mom, I was at the port to take a walk,” he replied, looking away.

The kneginya doesn’t like that short answer. “And what are you doing there? Did that Chedo, Momo and Bole again make you spend time with them instead of singing with other girls in the choir? ”

Mila turns to the other side to leave, but her mother catches her.

“Have you heard me? How many times have I told you not to hang out with sailors around the harbor? What will people think when they see you with them? ”

“For God’s sake, what’s wrong with you?” Tragomila replied. “Everyone knows I hang out with them from childhood.”

“You know what I mean, you are no longer children playing with boats. Now something else is going on in your heads!” Milyana frowned.

“And what is that? How do you know what’s going on in our heads?” Mila asked her mother.

“Listen to me young Lady, now that you are growing up you will spend more time with other girls. It will be time for the boys later and you will no longer be able to escape from them,” her mother replied.

Tragomila was stubborn. “How many times do I have to tell you that I’m not going to hang out with those fancy gossip girls who chat about other people all day!”

“Mila, what are you saying ?!” her mother flinched.

That what you heard! Why do you never listen to my wishes but impose yours on me? Don’t our volshebniks teach us to follow our heart, not what others tell us? Isn’t our culture based on that? “

The volshebnik looked at the kneginya seriously but said nothing.

Milyana answered quietly and sadly. “My dear child, that used to be long ago, but now we live in an empire that has different rules. Duty is more important than the heart and service is more important than desire. As a noblewoman, you have the task of growing into a mature woman who will be the wife of some future prince or nobleman. ”

Tragomila angrily turns their eyes to the Razvovesht who wants nothing to add. She didn’t like his silence. Just as she was about to answer her mother, the servant interrupted her.

“My ladies and gentleman, forgive me for disturbing you,” said the servant.

“Yes Dragan, what’s the matter?” The kneginya accepted.

The servant pulls the wrap under the robe. “This letter has just arrived for the knez, and since he is not here, I bring it to you.”

Milyana took the letter and looked at it sharply. “Who brought this?”

The servant replied uneasily. “Golden magpie.”

Tragomila looked at her mother worriedly. “It’s a letter from the emperor. Mother, open up, see what it says. “

With a trembling hand, the kneginya pulled out a knife she carried under her belt and cut a gold seal with it. He unwrapped the letter and began to read.

“Talk, don’t read it for yourself!” Mila protested.

The mother put her hand over her mouth and looked at her daughter in disbelief. “It says that the High Priest Sokoslav was killed by a sorcerer with Volosadian insignia. He invites the knez to a hearing.”

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